Canberra Multicultural Festival 2011 Photos

Friday 11th to Sunday 13th was the weekend of the annual Canberra Multicultural festival, a great event to taste exotic food and watch performers from around the world.  Around 110,000 people attended the festival over the 3 days, making 2011 the most successful year in it’s history.

We spent Saturday afternoon walking through the crowds and checking out all the different food and drinks on offer.

After deciding on some traditional Russian and Indian food with Norwegian beer, we positioned ourselves in front of the main stage hoping to get some interesting photos of the performances.

The Dutch Pancakes were obviously a big hit.

This guy didn’t appear to be enjoying himself…

$5 for a plate of five kinds of curry, you can’t go wrong.

The Brazillian Dancers were amazing to watch, but very hard to photograph as they move so fast! I didn’t get as many usable photos from their show as I had hoped to.

The lighting was a bit boring inside this tent, so I decided to make these photos B&W. I think they turned out really well.

I took around 500 photos at the event, so there’s still a lot more to post in the coming weeks!

Check out some of Korske’s photos from the event.

6 Responses to “Canberra Multicultural Festival 2011 Photos”

  1. Brendan

    There’s some sweet pics here Rich! Good stuff! I’m disappointed I didn’t end up going to the festival now. Damn.

    – Brendo

  2. Richard

    Thanks Brendo, you definitely missed out, there’s always next year though!

  3. Squeak

    Definitely looking to see more photos – I’m amazed you managed to get ones from inside the tents!

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